simultaneously shows and directs one to one’s True Self.

As human beings we are able to gain insight into our real essence.

We experience that we are ‘intrinsically unborn’. This insight does not depend on any culture or religion, sex or age, but on understanding, practicing and realizing.

To start this spiritual practice one needs resoluteness and an urge to experience something new, conceding space and time to the Unknown.

The desire, readiness, responsibility and alertness to go deeper into one’s own consciousness – just by sitting with all one’s strength – opens up a deeper dimension of one’s self as ‘Just Being’.

At the same time, there is the experience of ‘No-Self’; the pulse of evolution functioning beyond a dualistic view. Any situation in one’s daily life can be a reminder of the Way in that one’s true nature is revealed out of the deepest source.

Zen refers to this nameless source that leads to a transformative process called the ‘realization of one’s essential nature’.





Thunder in the clear blue sky

Opening the eyes

Everything between heaven and earth is bowing

Mount Sumeru is jumping and dancing

Huikai 1183–1260


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